The Special Journey Journal – Limited Edition


The Special Journey Journal is a guided wellness journal for a special needs parent. Created to utilise principles from cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness, the journal guides you along a reflective path.

The Special Journey Journal is designed to help you recognise your growth, achievements, accomplishments as well as giving you a place to nurture your commitment to your own self care and wellness.

The Special Journal includes over 10 Chapters of guidance.

  • Capture your journey into parenthood.
  • Master the stages of acceptance on your special needs journey
  • Adjusting to diagnosis
  • Recall special moments and special people.
  • ‘Check In’ with how you feel today.
  • Who am I now? Redefining and Getting to know the new you
  • Reflections
  • Love Letter
    And more …

The Special Journey Journal is a great gift for special needs parents, those with children with any diagnosis such as Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome and those who might have a rare or undiagnosed condition.