The Special Journey Journal – Limited Edition


Journey through overwhelm to peace.

Give your mind space to breath. Process your experiences. Grow in gratitude, strength and optimism.

Give yourself the gift of time to creatively journal your unique journey.

The Special Journey Journal is the guided wellness journal for a special needs parent. Created to utilise principles from cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness, the journal guides you down and through a reflective path.

Creating opportunity to muse on the past, reframe and cultivate joy now and create hope for your future.

The Special Journey Journal is designed to help you recognise your growth, achievements, blessings as well as nurture your commitment to your self care and wellness.

  • 10 Chapters of guidance
  • Undated
  • 6 x 9 Inches
  • Full Rich Colour
  • Hardback, Case wrap in matte finish.


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